10 1/2" Square Skillet and Grill Package

Old Mountain Cast Iron Cookware

$ 59.95

This cast iron cookware package includes a set of (2) 10 1/2" square pans.

The first pan is a skillet and holds as much food as a 12" round skillet. It has high walls and is perfect for use on your Minuteman Rocket Stove as a general purpose frying pan.

The other is a 10 1/2" square grill pan with raised ribs in the bottom. It is perfect for grilling burgers or bacon and a nice grill mark will be made by the ribs. The ribs also allow the grease to move away from the cooking meat. Excellent steaks can be made with this pan.

We are also throwing in two quilted Hot Handle Holders so you won't burn your hands.

Square pans are gaining in popularity. They just seem to fit the food better. Four big burgers sit comfortably in these pans and bacon lays flat. They are truly a joy to use.

Old Mountain Cast Iron Cookware is made from non recycled iron ore and has a vegetable oil pre seasoning. It is excellent quality cookware and will last many lifetimes.

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