(2) 3000 Lumen 5 function CREE Flashlights (As seen on TV...but much better deal)

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 39.95

These are the exact flashlights you see advertised on national TV (Bell and Howell and Atomic Beam), however, unlike the TV offers, we are including (4)18650 lithium ion, high capacity, rechargeable batteries (two batteries and two spares) and two wall chargers so that you will have the best power source available for these lights. The (4) batteries and wall chargers are a $30+ value and provide the longest running and most convenient method of powering the flashlights. Included also are AAA battery adapters for each light. These adapters allow you to utilize the highly available AAA battery size as well.

The flashlights are extremely bright and have a focus feature that allows you to adjust the beam from a flood down to a pencil beam just by pulling in and out the flashlight head. When focused down to a pencil beam you can illuminate targets over 500 yards away and the light can be used to signal for miles.

There are 5 settings. High, medium and low power-constant light, The popular flash dazzle setting (that disorients a would be attacker) and SOS flasher for signaling in an emergency. Then body of the flashlight is aircraft aluminum and very durable, With the included 18650 lithium ion batteries you can expect 4-6 hours runtime on medium power. We warranty these flashlights against defects for one year. These are excellent lights for bug out bags, vehicles, bedside, etc. You've seen them on TV, but this is the best deal you will find on these awesome lights, and there are no hidden fees or shipping charges.  Order yours today. Free Shipping USA


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