Camp Griddle/Grill & Bacon Press

Old Mountain Cast Iron Cookware

$ 59.95

The Camp Griddle/Grill and Bacon Press combo is excellent for survival cooking. It can be positioned between two Minuteman Rocket stoves, across two logs or on a barbeque gill to provide an excellent griddle for cooking, eggs, pancakes or a stir fry. Flip the griddle over and there is a raised rib side perfect for hot dogs, hamburgers or a steak. The ribs allow the grease to drain away from your food into a small grease trap formed in the front of the grill and put the signature grill marks on your meats. Also included is an 8" bacon press which is awesome for holding bacon flat and searing other meats. This combination is very versatile. The griddle/grill and bacon press are made of excellent quality cast iron for a lifetime of use. The griddle/grill is over 20" in length and plenty big for 8-12 burgers. Old Mountain cast iron is made from non-recycled iron ore and has an excellent vegetable oil factory seasoning. Free USA shipping. No international shipping.

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