Deluxe Sustainable Lighting/Power Package (Save $50)

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 269.95

The Deluxe Sustainable Lighting and Power Package contains all of the components you and your family/group will need for any outdoor adventure or lights out emergency. It is a comprehensive, long-term, sustainable, lighting and battery charging solution.  With this kit you will be able to have lighting and charge batteries into perpetuity. The batteries are rechargeable thousands of times and the Cree LEDs in the flashlights have 100,000 hour chips for bulbs. There are spare batteries too.

At the heart of the System is the Suaoki 25 watt/ 5 volt/ dual USB fold out solar panel. Place the unit in direct sunlight and it will deliver 2.1 amps of 5 volt power to each of two USB ports. You can charge two devices at once. The Suaoki fold out panel incorporates the newest technology, USA made solar cells. These new cells are 22-25% efficient compared to the 17-19% efficiency of traditional solar cells. This makes for a smaller and lighter unit. The Suaoki 25 weighs only one pound and measures 10"x6"x1" (the size of a book). The panel comes with a USB charging cord and 4 carabiners to attach the panel to the outside of your back pack for on the go charging.

The next component is the XTAR VC2 Dual Position/ Lighted LED Display/ Smart-Multi Battery Charger. It connects to the Suaoki 25 with the included USB cable. The XTAR VC2 analyses your batteries for type, charge level and time to charge. Each position has independent circuits. You can put different sizes and types of rechargeable batteries in each position, and they both charge perfectly using a smart charging program. The Smart charging function ensures rapid charge time and enhances battery lifespan. Charges LI-ion/IMR/INR/ICR or Ni-Mh/ Ni-Cd batteries. Can work off any 2.1 amp phone charger or other USB power source. The digital LED display has wonderful graphics and shows battery charge level and time to charge. This is an awesome charger.

For general lighting, the Deluxe Package contains a 36 LED pull up lantern. It is light weight and very bright. It turns on when you pull up the top.  You regulate the brightness by how far you pull the top up. It runs for 18 hours on three rechargeable AA batteries. (2 sets of (3) rechargeable batteries included)

For hands free lighting we have included a Cree 2000 Lumen High power headlamp. Whether it is field dressing a deer or retying a tent line, sometimes you need both hands free and a light too. This headlamp is the perfect answer. It has 3 modes  (high/low/flash). and is very bright. The main light housing is made of aircraft aluminum and is attached to a comfortable headband. The power pack is attached to the back of the headband and houses two 18650 3.7 volt LI-ion rechargeable batteries for 20 hours of continuous use on low setting. 2 sets of (2) 18650 5000mah 3.7 volt LI-ion batteries and double wall charger included.

There are three flashlights included in the package:

(1) Cree 2000 Lumen Q-5 Focusing Flashlight.   This small flashlight is perfect to attach to the Molle of your bug out bag or to clip inside a front pocket. Don't let its small size fool you. It is super bright and will illuminate objects at over 200 yards. It has a three mode switch (high/low/flash) and a focusing lens for long distance.  It runs on one 14500 LI-ion battery (3 hour run time-low). (2x) 14500 batteries and single wall charger included.

(2) CREE 3000 lumen XML-T6 Medium Flashlight. The medium flashlight is excellent for general all around use. It is still a packable size, has a clip and gives and awesome, penetrating beam. The focusing lens allows you project a penetrating, pencil beam of bright, white light to well over 300 yards. You own the night with this flashlight. It has a 5 mode switch (high/medium/low/flash/SOS) and runs on 1 18650 LI-ion battery. (2x) 18650 batteries and a single wall charger included.

(3) CREE 3000 lumen XML-T6 Large Flashlight. This flashlight is powered by two 18650 batteries which increases it's run time to 5-6 hours and is somewhat a little brighter than the Medium flashlight because of the larger reflector in the head. It has a 5 position switch. (4x) 18650 batteries and double wall charger included.

Free Shipping USA. Canada $40.

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