Minuteman "K" Stove Kitchen Set (Save $50)

Minuteman "K" Stove Kitchen Set (Save $50)

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 339.95

The Minuteman "K" Stove Kitchen set is the perfect combination of stove, cookware, and fire starting tools.  The perfect base for your outdoor kitchen. The 2 qt Dutch oven and 12" fry pan are excellent cookware choices for use on the Minuteman K Stove. The Dutch oven is great for cooking beans or stew and the large 12" fry pan is perfect for breakfasts and other skillet cooking. The included forever 50 and small fire striker will provide plenty of spark and the four bags of fat wood are enough fire starter for your first hundred fires or so.  The Kit Contains:

  1. Minuteman K Rocket Stove
  2. 2 quart  Old Mountain Dutch oven with ringed lid
  3. 12" Old Mountain Fry Pan
  4. Minuteman Forever 50 Firestarter
  5. Small Minuteman Fire Starter
  6. (4) 1lb Bags of Maya Stick Fatwood Fire Starter

By purchasing these items together you are saving over $50 verses purchasing them separately. 

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