Minuteman Titan Rocket Stove Deluxe Kit

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 559.95

The Minuteman Titan Stove Deluxe Kit contains the core items needed for survival cooking and fire starting plus saves you $45 off purchasing the items separately. It is a well thought out kit and awesome deal!

First, you have the Minuteman Titan Rocket Stove. We designed this stove to fulfill the needs of the modern survivor and adventure group.  It is our most powerful design and provides the necessary heat to cook large group meals and boil large quantities of water. It is a rugged stove and purpose made for extreme conditions.

Our popular "Forever 50"  fire starter is also included. Its' large size and huge shower of sparks makes lighting The Minuteman Titan Stove and other fires as easy as it gets. It is very comfortable and just feels right.

(1) Medium Minuteman Fire Starter and (2) Small Minuteman Fire Starters are also included...Keep one of the small starters with the stove and one in your bag. Remember...have back-ups for your back-ups. 

The Deluxe Kit is available in 3 different color combinations. Black, Camo and Brights. The colors represent the cord colors used to make the fire starters. Select above. 

The last items in the Deluxe Kit are (4) one pound bags of Maya Sticks fire starter tinder. These fatwood tinder sticks are from Central America and are the best we can find. They contain approximately 80% resin by weight and make fire starting very easy.  They really help to get a fire going in wet weather. Directions for use are on the labels and they are packaged in very thick (4mil) reusable ziplock bags.

The Minuteman Titan Stove Deluxe Kit provides a strong backbone upon which to build your survival kitchen and fire starting kits.

FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states (CONUS)

The Minuteman Titan is our most powerful Rocket stove.  We start with our popular K Stove and then wrap it with 1.5 " of ceramic mat insulation encased in a 14 gauge steel body. This extra insulation results in about a 50% increase in cooking power over the K Stove. In our testing, we were able to boil a full 5 gallon metal bucket with no lid in about 45-50 minutes. The Titan also has a huge burner measuring over 14" across. This provides plenty of resting space and stability for large pots and canners. The burner is specifically designed to cradle the heat to the bottom of the cookware for more efficiency.  The Titan is a rock solid performer and produces heat on par with a commercial stove burner. 

The Titan is perfect for the homesteader. outdoorsman or survivalist that wants an easy to use rocket stove with maximum output. Not only does the fire burn hotter in the Titan but more airflow is created, bringing more of that heat to the bottom of your cookware. The 45 degree fuel feed tube is easy to feed and plenty big to accommodate the necessary biomass fuel.  Lighting is easy and you will be cooking in 3-5 minutes after establishing your fire. With your purchase, we also include (2) free bags of Maya Stick fire starting fatwood to make lighting your Titan even easier.  Controlling the heat is also easy...smaller sticks make more heat as does more sticks. To cook on less heat, feed fewer larger sticks . For more heat, use more smaller sticks. Once you are done cooking, let your Titan cool off and dump out the ashes. It's that easy. 

Titan Stoves are handmade and are of the highest quality, All Minuteman stoves come with a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 

You will receive (2) free bags of Maya Stick fire starting tender with your Titan stove purchase. Ships free in CONUS (Lower 48 states)

Dimensions: 20" x 14" X 10" Weight: 35lbs  Cooking Temp: 1200+degrees F at the burner.  3 year warranty. 

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