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The Minuteman Rocket Stove is one of the most compact, portable and efficient rocket stoves on the market today, making it perfect as a survival, camping or expedition cook stove . 

As a result of its rocket stove design and internal ceramic insulation, the Minuteman Stove reaches operating temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees.  Even large cast iron Dutch ovens, canners and full sized stew pots are no problem for the Minuteman. Its' highly insulated construction allows for minimal heat loss and focuses the heat where it is needed...on the cookware. Due to the premium, ceramic refractory insulation that fills the space between the burn tube and the military ammo can chassis, the Minuteman can be safely used on a wood picnic table without damaging the wood. The extremely high, internal heat double burns the combustible gases and results in a smokeless flame. In a survival situation, this keeps others from detecting your location and advertising that you have food.  When camping or tailgating, a smokeless fire will make you much more popular with the neighbors, and you do not go home smelling like you and your gear spent the weekend fighting a forest fire.

The Minuteman requires much less fuel (small sticks, pine cones, bramble, biomass) than the larger rocket stoves and uses less than 1/10th the wood required by an open cooking fire or wood burning cook stove. The fuel is readily available in most any environment and requires no saws or splitting to process. This results in a huge time and energy savings from collecting and processing firewood and affords sustainability. Most of us live in a city or suburb and do not have access to an adequate and sustainable supply of fuel if using traditional wood burning cooking methods. The Minuteman solves this problem and is also fast to light and easy to use. Gather a handful of sticks and twigs, start your fire, and you will be cooking in less than five minutes.

The Minuteman is the only self-contained rocket stove on the market. Once you are done cooking, dump out the coals, let it cool down (10 minutes), reattach the lid and the Minuteman is ready to travel.  The lid has a rubber seal. No smell or soot will get inside your vehicle. It travels and stores just like a clean ammo can and weighs 14 lbs...perfect for a vehicle survival kit or RV/car camping.

The Minuteman is not your typical "consumer grade", sheet metal stove and is designed to last many years of daily use. The Minuteman is made in America and features a heavy gauge 1/8" thick steel burn tube. It is hand welded and the most rugged insulated rocket stove available.  We extend a 3 year warranty on all parts and construction. Even after the warranty period, if your stove becomes damaged, we will attempt to fix it for you at no charge.  All we ask is that you cover shipping to and from or shop. We stand behind our products. (knock on wood...we have never had a customer require service on one of our stoves...0% defect rate so far. They are that tough).

To make lighting your Minuteman Stove and any camp fire much easier, you can add (2) or (4) one pound bags of our Maya Sticks fire starter tinder to your stove order at a reduced price. With an 80% resin content they light very easily and burn extremely hot.  Because we can ship the stove and up to four one pound bags of Maya Fatwood in one box, the shipping cost are reduced, and we pass the savings on to you. Please visit the Maya Sticks section of the catalog and select one of the two w/Stove options to take advantage of the discounted price on this world class fatwood.

Order your Minuteman Rocket Stove today. We typically ship within 48 hours and products go out Priority Mail. Most customers receive their stoves in just a few days. Don't wait. The world is not getting any safer, and a Minuteman Rocket Stove will certainly make bad times much better.

If you are just looking for a camping stove, The Minuteman excels in that role too and is much more fun to use than fuel stoves. You get a cooking stove and mini campfire all in one without the work of clearing a fire ring, feeding a large fire and cleaning it all up. Put your campfire right on the picnic table...how cool is that! 

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Watch The Minuteman boil 5 pounds of potatoes in an eight quart Dutch Oven at You tube:

See our video at:    http://youtu.be/qWcOm4l37EY


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