Minuteman Faraday EMP Electronics Protection Box

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 99.95

In the event of a powerful electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), such as that caused by a large solar flare or nuclear detonation, all micro-circuitry (chips) in your modern electronics will be overloaded with energy and fry out. The only way to protect your electronics is to shield them inside of a Faraday cage or container. 

The Minuteman Faraday EMP Electronics Protection Box (MFEEPB) is the perfect solution to protect your electronic devices from the permanent and catastrophic effects of an EMP. Simply place your electronic devices in the MFEEPB, close the lid and your electronics will be safe. The electro-magnetic energy will flow around the exterior of the metal box and not translate to the items safely contained inside. 

You can use the MFEEPB to store your radios, flashlights, red dot weapon sights, solar charge controllers etc. The interior of the MFEEPB has a rubber coating to prevent your electronic items from touching the raw steel of the box and thus nullifying the protective effect. For increased protection we have welded a tab to the back of the MFEEPB where you can attach a ground wire. This is the perfect solution to protect those essential electronic items you will need in an extended lights out situation. 

We won't bore you with a bunch of mil-spec ratings and scientific data about the MFEEPB (unless you want it), but do know that the design of this protective box and the selection of the components used to facilitate the EMP shielding were decided upon after extensive research and prototype testing. All Minuteman products result from us addressing our own preparedness needs. This is the exact unit we are using to protect our own personal electronics.

Please do not overlook EMP protection in your preparedness planning. In this day and age it is increasingly important and should be considered a basic core prep.

Internal dimensions: 11"x 6 7/8" x 5 3/4"   Weight: 6LBS

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