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We are the manufacturer of Minuteman Rocket Stoves, Grills, EMP Faraday Boxes and Minuteman Fire Starters.


In these dangerous and uncertain times, it makes sense to have a sustainable, back up method for accomplishing one of life's most important, daily task... preparing food. We always need a way to cook and a method to boil water. A long term disruption in the power supply and fuel distribution system is inevitable and will find most people unprepared and at risk. A Minuteman Rocket Stove provides your family or group the perfect cooking solution in a "lights out" situation.
Minuteman Stoves are wood (biomass) burning, and depending on the style, are as powerful or more powerful than a kitchen stove. They also burn virtually smokeless which keeps other people from detecting your location and realizing that you have food. The smokeless operation also minimizes the adverse effects of inhaling smoke.
Due to the rocket stove design, Minuteman Rocket Stoves are very efficient. They cut down your wood gathering and processing chores to less than a tenth of what would be required if cooking the old fashion way (open fire), and the fuel is small diameter (sticks, twigs, pinecones, biomass, etc.) requiring no saws or axes to process. Burning wood inefficiently in an old-fashioned wood cook stove or in a barbeque grill requires a lot of manual labor and access to a large source of wood you may not have.
In the long run, you cannot rely on gas or fuel stoves. Eventually the fuel supply will run out or become too expensive to purchase. Having a Minuteman Rocket Stove solves these problems. They are easy and free to fuel, easy to use, and afford you sustainability (even in a city or suburb).
The Original Ammo Can Minuteman Stove is small and lightweight making it easy to take with you on the move. It packs up airtight and is the only self contained rocket stove on the market, making it perfect for a vehicle kit. There is no need to carry fuel with you. Twigs or biomass will be readily available most anywhere. Our larger stoves (K-Stove and Titan) are very powerful and offer you cooking power on par with commercial Stoves.

Minuteman Rocket Stoves have all the attributes you want in a survival cooking stove

  • They Deliver 1200+ degrees to bottom of the cookware.
  • Use your full-sized cookware including Dutch Ovens (40 Quart+ on Titan)
  • Durable internal ceramic mat insulation (Original Minuteman and Titan) 
  • Near smokeless operation (All Stoves)
  • Fueled with small diameter sticks and biomass readily available most anywhere.
  • Uses 1/10th the fuel of traditional open fire cooking – no saws or axes required.
  • Sustainable in a city or suburb
  • Self-contained airtight design (Original Minuteman)
  • Very portable- carry handle on top or back
  • 1/8 “ steel burn chamber and chimney for years of use.
  • 3-year burn through warranty
  • 100% handmade in the USA
Why do you need a Minuteman Rocket Stove? Because we all need to prepare for living in a much different world... a world where reducing our workload and making the best use of our limited resources can mean the difference between struggling and thriving.

Prepare for your family...Prepare for yourself...

 Know this too...you don't have to wait for an emergency to enjoy using your Minuteman Rocket Stove. They are excellent for camping, cooking out, canning, tail gating, Boy and Girl Scout outings, RV's, hunting trips, long range expeditions and anywhere else outdoor cook stoves are used.



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Also...please check out our Minuteman Fire Starters, EMP Faraday Boxes and Maya Stick Fatwood.

Our ferrocerium rod fire starters are the sparkiest ferrocerium strikers on the market and deliver a shower of sparks even when wet. Don't get caught in the rain with a sub-standard fire starter. Use a Minuteman Fire Starter and make this task as easy as possible. They are available in three sizes and five configurations for all of your fire making needs.

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To order by phone call us at 252-996-0856 or mail a check/money order to:
Minuteman Provision Company,
8740 US 158,
Reidsville, NC  

Minuteman Rocket Stoves are handmade in North Carolina and are extremely rugged. The burn tubes are 1/8" steel and will last many years of daily use. Our stoves are beyond military grade and proudly served with special forces units in Afghanistan and Iraq. Minuteman Rocket Stoves also come with a 3 year warranty.

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