Minuteman "Forever 50" Fire Starter

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 29.95

The Minuteman "Forever 50" Fire Starter is the last ferrocerrium rod fire starter you will ever need to buy. The 1/2" rod is rated at 100,000 uses and produces a shower of sparks when scraped with the attached scraper tool.

The sparks can be used to ignite a variety of commonly found natural and household materials to create a fire in any weather. Some of the most common materials used as initiators are: dryer lint, cotton balls impregnated with Vaseline, charred cloth, fat wood shavings (found in dead pine tree stumps- Maya Sticks), magnesium shavings, shredded paper, etc. There are many more options both natural and found around the house.

When you purchase a "Forever 50"  we offer to add either one or two (1) pound bags of Maya Sticks fatwood to your order at a  discounted price. Look for these options in the color selection menu. The Maya Sticks contain upwards of 80% resin. They can be processed down to make Maya Dust and fatwood shavings, the two best natural fire starting materials. Over a dozen camp fires can be started per stick. We hope you give them a try. We know you'll love them.

The handle is a reclaimed 50 cal BMG shell casing sporting a 5" paracord braided fob with decorative cross bead and attached scraper tool. It is a truly impressive fire starter, measuring a total 12" in length. Its large size makes it a joy to use.



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