Minuteman "K" / Stinger Rocket Stove DIY Parts Kits

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 109.95

Would you like to build your own rocket stove but don't have access to the correct materials?  Well, here is your solution.  Purchase our Minuteman K Stove and/or Stinger Rocket Stove parts kits and you will have everything you need to assemble a Minuteman K or Stinger Stove in your own shop. The parts are pulled directly from our production line and ready to be welded up. We even bent the burners and plasma cut the tube openings for you. All you will need is your welder and a 4.5" grinder to finish the assembly.  A great weekend project and perfect way to save $130/$70 acquiring a quality rocket stove. 

The Minuteman K Rocket Stove is the perfect solution for the user that desires maximum cooking power and ease of use.  The Stinger is a 3/4 size version of the K Stove and 1/2 the weight. They are both constructed of 1/8" steel rectangular tubing. the K stove is large enough to generate cooking power on par with a commercial restaurant stove. The Stinger is comparable to a home stove. You can use your typical kitchen sized cookware on either and up to about a 24 quart (6 gallon) pot on the K Stove with no difficulties.

The large cooking eyes and wide bases provide a stable cooking surface for larger cookware.  The angled feed tubes makes both stoves easy to feed and hold a large amount of fuel.  The Minuteman K Stove is perfect for a home/base camp primary cooking stove and will last many years of daily use. The Stinger is equally durable and excellent for the typical cooking chores of a small group or individual.

The perfectly balanced and sturdy carry handles make carrying either stove a breeze.

Select the style stove you wish to build from the pull down menu above. 

The K Stove/Stinger DIY Kits ship free in the lower 48 States (CONUS).

K Stove- 20"x13"x10"  20lbs  4" Square tubing burn tube

Stinger- 15"x9.5"X7.5"  10lbs   3" Square tubing burn tube

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