Maya Sticks - 80% Resin - Fatwood Fire Starting Tinder 1 lb Bags

Minuteman Provision Company

$ 22.95

Central American Fatwood Fire Starting Tinder.  80% resin content. Natural-no chemicals . 1 lb Bags.

Minuteman Maya Sticks are excellent fire starting tinder. They make starting a camp fire or your Minuteman Rocket Stove much easier than using other forms of tinder. Central American fatwood is superior to most domestic fatwood. It has a much higher resin content (80%). This stuff burns like crazy! It is easy to light with a lighter or matches and can also be ignited with the sparks from one of our Minuteman Fire Starters.

To start a fire using your Minuteman Fire Starter scrape the sides of one of the Maya Sticks using a knife to make Maya dust. Hold the Maya Stick in your hand and using the sharp edge of a knife blade scrape down the edge of the Maya wood. A fine dust will be formed. Gather this dust into a pile and shower it with sparks from your Minuteman Fire Starter. Presto! You will have fire. Shave slivers off of the Maya Stick and you will have an excellent kindling that gets even wet wood going in no time.

To light your Minuteman Stove, a feather stick can be made by using your knife to feather the edges of the Maya Stick (see photos). This is done by starting at the bottom of the stick and making cuts into the wood as if you were going to shave off slivers, however, you do not complete the cut and leave the slivers attached to the stick. Do this all the way around the stick. Once the first row of cuts is made, move up ¼” and repeat the process. After you have done 5-8 rows you will have a feather stick. The feather stick will light easily with the flame from your burning pile of Maya Dust or a little cotton ball fuzz can be added to the feathers to catch the spark from your fire starter. Place the burning feather stick into the Minuteman Stove as you would a regular fuel stick and light off the kindling you pre-positioned in the chimney.

Keep a few of these sticks and a small Minuteman Fire Starter in the bottom of your Minuteman Rocket Stove and you will have everything you need to get the stove started. Maya Sticks are also excellent for starting wood stoves and fireplaces. A one pound bag of fatwood is enough to start 100-200 hundred camp fires if used sparingly.

Maya Sticks are available in increments of 2 bags , 9 bags, and 15 one pound bags. The bags are heavy duty 4mil and re-sealable. They are great for storage and travel. Detailed directions for processing and using fatwood are printed on the label.

There is also a Special Price package available containing 1 bag of Maya Sticks and two Small Fire Starters. It is only $29.95 ($10 dollar savings) and is available in 4 color choices. Order from the menu.

Free Shipping to USA, Alaska, Hawaii, APO. We do not ship Maya Sticks to Canada except as part of the Minuteman Deluxe Kit or packaged with a stove order.

Up to four bags of Maya Sticks will fit in a stove box.You may add 2 or 4 bags of Maya Sticks to a stove order at a special savings (they fit in the stove box and this saves shipping cost). If ordering the Minuteman Deluxe Kit, only two additional bags of Maya dust will fit in the box (2 bags are already included in the package deal). Please select the 2 bag w/ stove option only if ordering the Deluxe Kit. Other stove orders can include either 2 or 4 discounted bags per stove by selecting one of the Bags w/ Stove options.

Stove boxes cost $40 to ship to Canada and are billed when purchasing the stove. Free shipping in the USA

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